Sunday, February 12, 2012

For Your Valentine

Dave and I have never really celebrated Valentine's Day. It just isn't our thing. That said, I pretty much love anything with a heart on it (I have 3 heart tattoos). So in honor of hearts and Valentine's Day, here is my little shopping guide for your guy or gal:

For the ladies:

1. J. Crew "Edie Purse" $238, 2. Rifle Paper Company Balloon card $4, 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs "Light Hearted" iPhone case $38, 4. alphabet bags Heart Tote for Madewell $23

And the gents:

An otter card made of wood? Get out of here. It couldn't get cuter.

Happy Valentine's Day, or whatever. XO

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Food Prep

Whoops. Sorry for that delay.

On to food making . . .

So, food making has been pretty easy for us in the Wall household. Elliott will eat pretty much anything, so that is a good start. Having the right tools for the job is also a plus. Here are my favorite kitchen tools:

We don't have this exact blender, but ours is similar. Mine is more like the "Bullet" (as seen in infomercials). It's really easy to clean because the blade comes right off. We were using a regular blender or mini food processor - but cleaning these over and over again became a real pain. When you buy a food blender for baby food, really pay attention to how it assembles and how easy it will be to clean.

This was recommended to me by my friend Jess. I use it all the time (especially when I make soups), and it's awesome for baby food. More watery foods and purees are ideal for this - pears, peas, green beans, apples, etc. You need to make a larger portion or else you aren't going to be able to properly blend. It is called an emersion blender, after all.

So I initially tried taking short cuts when it came to food freezing and storage. I was just using ice cube trays (they were all of 99 cents at Target). Because the ice cube trays are harder plastic it was really hard to get the frozen food out. I had to stick knives in the side of the tray to pop the food out, but then I would find little bits of plastic in the food. No good. I switched to these (much more expensive) Beaba food trays. They hold 2 oz. portions, they are silicone (meaning BPA free), have a great little snap on lid, and the frozen food comes out really easily. These are worth the money, I promise.

So let's be honest. A baby can eat food out of anything - it doesn't need to be fancy or plastic. Maybe when they get older and want to start throwing things around plastic is a good idea - but little peanuts need no special dishes. We do use these though because they are insanely cute. We are big Skip Hop fans.

This has been my go-to book for baby food making. I really like the recipes, as they are good portion sizes for little babies. There is a really helpful chart at the front of the book that breaks down what foods are introduced at particular ages. Very helpful (even if I do stray from it).

Recipes to come . . .